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recover quicker and Stay Younger

We offer a variety of different cutting-edge treatments from the cooling and curative power of Cryotherapy to the holistic healing of Himalayan salt brick saunas.

CryoCube will not only increase your bodies rest and recovery, it also rejuvenates your soul and renews your spirit.

We take the treatments normally reserved for the elites and make them available for everyone.

Cryotherapy in Bridgend South Wales

Cryocube in Bridgend, South Wales, offers cryotherapy and infra red sessions to maximise human potential.

Spend 3- 4 minutes immersed in intensely cold temperatures of up to -150*C and feel the effects instantly.

Cryotherapy can help:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Increase recovery time
  • Burn 500-800 calories per session

You will directly enhance your performance through the medical benefits of cryotherapy, and indirectly through your body’s ability to heal quicker, stay stronger for longer, and fight off infections that may otherwise have hindered your general health.


3 Steps To Better Performance and Health



Initially, you will undergo what is often associated as "cold treatment". Originally used to alleviate muscle soreness in elite athletes, the benefits reach much farther than this and help people to reduce weight, achieve more energy, have younger skin and generally improve health and wellness.


Red Light Therapy

After your Cryocube session you will move on to the Infra Red, Red Light Chamber. Infra Red and Red light therapy can accelerate muscular regeneration and increase collagen in the skin. It will help boost your immune system by enhancing the natural energy producing ability of your cells, raising the metabolic efficiency, and allowing your cells to function at their best. It also has the ability to improve hair growth and eyesight.


Flotation Tank

You can finish your session with 30 minutes in our Dry Flotation Tank. Let your mind and muscles relax and enjoy the feel of water beneath you.

Use ice, fire, and water to naturally enhance your body's powers of wellbeing and recovery.

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