Craig Davies

So after weeks of thinking about it and chatting to a few people i finally gave the CryoCube a go to see what all the fuss was about 👌🏻 and safe to say the fuss lived up to its expectations ✅

Me and my good friend/team mate went together to try it, we are both people who train 4/5 a week in the gym and then play 90 minutes of football every Saturday so safe to say we are a pair of boys who tend to have soreness all over 🤣

We were greeted by 2 very professional staff who made the experience pleasant with their knowledge and friendly manner 👌🏻

We started in the Pre Chamber for 1 and 1/2 which starts at about -90 degress then moved into the main chamber for 4 minutes which drops to about -150 which is ridiculously cold but also doable, the benefits of that include ⬇️

  • ❄ Increase Recovery Rate
  • ❄ Increase Movement
  • ❄ Boost Immune System
  • ❄ Reduces Inflamation
  • ❄ Encourage Weight Lose

We then moved into the power plate for 4 minutes which helps circulation after being in the freezing cold and also helps to warm you up 💥

Onto the infra red, red light treatment which can accelerate muscular regeneration and increase collagen in the skin. It will help boost your immune system by enhancing the natural energy producing ability of your cells, raising the metabolic efficiency, and allowing your cells to function at their best. It also has the ability to improve hair growth and eyesight.

Lastly we then moved into the flotation tank where i honestly have not felt that relaxed for a long time. Floating on top of water in a room with dimmed lights and some peaceful music just topped it all off for me 👌🏻

10/10 for me and i would highly recommend to anyone who plays contact sport, lifts weight or someone who suffers with other injuries

Craig Davies

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Craig Davies

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