Elite Recovery Package

Support and Enhance your body's natural healing abilities.

While this treatment is exceptionally helpful to athletes and those who suffer from chronic pain, it is also highly recommended for people who simply want to improve their overall health.

First, we use Cryotherapy that has been well documented to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, strengthen your immune system and provide all-natural pain relief.

Then we move on to a Power Plate treatment which boosts your Lymphatic system, increases joint function and improves circulation.

After that, it’s on to the Red Light Therapy treatment. Red light is excellent for your skin cells helping them regenerate and encouraging dermal healing.

We conclude the treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. This treatment enhances the body’s natural healing process via inhalation of 100% pure oxygen in a controlled and pressurized chamber.

£80 per treatment

Uber Elite Recovery Package

The same treatments as above but your HBOT treatment will take place in THE NAUTILUS.  Our next generation walk in HBOT chamber.

£100 per treatment

In short: Everyone!

The Elite Recovery Package (ERP) was designed to fully harness and enhance your bodies natural healing power.  

This means it can be applied to any number of scenarios such as professional athletes, people suffering from chronic pain, people recovering from surgery etc

The ERP is also popular with people looking to maximise their recovery after exercise or as part of an active wellness regime.

The combination of Cryotherapy, Power Plate, Infra-Red and HBOT complement each other perfectly. All of these treatments focus on reducing inflammation, increasing the volume/quality of blood flow and pain relief.

These 3 factors are vitally important to healing and recovery.

Your treatment will last one hour and twenty minutes.

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