Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is as natural as breathing. HBOT is one of the most efficient and 100% natural methods to reduce inflammation, promote wound healing and increase both physical and mental performance.

Many health problems can be traced back to oxygen starvation at a cellular level. Increasing the levels of oxygen in our blood has been scientifically shown to greatly accelerate recovery times and help support our bodies’ immune system to do the healing work itself, as well as improving overall wellness, energy and fitness.

Our new walk-in HBOT chamber THE NAUTILUS expands on the HBOT services we already offer by providing a seated HBOT chamber. Unlike our original chamber, which requires you to lie down, THE NAUTILUS allows you to simply open the door, step in and take a seat.

The easy access aspect of THE NAUTILUS expands the range of users who can benefit from HBOT. People who previously may have struggled to enter and exit the lie-down chamber due to mobility issues will find THE NAUTILUS to be a far easier and stress-free way to experience the amazing healing powers of HBOT.

You must be 18 years of age or over in order to use THE NAUTILUS.

£60 per treatment

THE NAUTILUS is for everyone.

More specifically, it will provide a more comfortable HBOT experience for people with mobility issues. Traditionally, HBOT chambers required patients to lie-down to receive treatment. An upright seated position for HBOT was reserved for treatment centres that had large chambers that could fit multiple people.

THE NAUTILUS is the best of both worlds. It provides you with a personal solo experience whilst being seated in a comfortable upright position with simple doorway access.

HBOT has a diverse range of applications and as such, there is no ‘typical’ customer for this treatment. Some people use HBOT regularly as part of their general health and wellness regime.
HBOT has also been used to great effect by people looking to speed up their healing after surgery or an injury. Customers with particularly stressful and mentally demanding jobs have valued the mental clarity that seems to come post-treatment. It’s also popular with athletes looking for an edge in their recovery regime.

Your treatment will last one hour and twenty minutes.

  • Please see the health disclaimer at the bottom of the page for a detailed breakdown. Otherwise, the most common ailments that prevent treatment are:
  • If you are suffering from a cold or a fever.
  • If you have had recent ear surgery or injury.
  • Do not like small enclosed spaces (claustrophobia).
  • Have certain types of lung diseases, because of an increased risk for a collapsed lung.

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