About CryoCube

Your ultimate health and wellness solution.

Physical and mental health

CryoCube is one of the first Biohacking clinics in Britain that offers a variety of holistic treatments for health and wellness.

Located in Bridgend, South Wales our goal is to become the best destination for wellness and relaxation by providing you with the newest, most innovative and effective health solutions for your body, mind and spirit. What makes us unique is that we have staff members who focus on both physical and mental health.

Treatments For All

We offer a range of treatments that can help with injuries, recovery, stress relief, skin rejuvenation and much more.

Cryotherapy is one of the most popular treatments at our facility which uses cold temperatures to stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. Himalayan salt saunas are also popular as they help detoxify the body by removing toxins while improving skin quality. For those looking for anti-ageing benefits or pure relaxation, we recommend red light therapy or dry flotation tanks respectively. We also offer Yoga classes led by experienced practitioners and a team of professional massage therapists who can tailor treatments to your specific needs.

Research backed

Backed by research studies, these therapies have been shown to provide significant health benefits like improved sleep quality, increased energy levels and reduced pain from chronic injuries – all while reducing stress levels too!

Why is CryoCube different?

CryoCube believes everyone deserves access to all of this cutting-edge technology and treatments. We want all of our customers to enjoy the best mental and physical health possible. By providing them with an environment where they can rest and recover from injuries or rejuvenate themselves after the stresses of everyday life.