Uber Elite Recovery Package

Our Uber Elite Recovery Package represents the gold standard of treatments available at CryoCube.

As an elite athlete or performance-driven individual, you understand the importance of prioritising recovery to optimize your physical and mental performance. That’s why CryoCube have created the Uber Elite Recovery Package, a cutting-edge combination of advanced therapies designed to accelerate your recovery and help you achieve peak performance.

Our Uber Elite Recovery Package includes the following state-of-the-art treatments:

  • Cryotherapy: Step into our whole-body Cryotherapy chamber and experience the power of cold therapy. During a brief 4-minute session, your body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures, triggering a natural anti-inflammatory response and releasing endorphins. This can help reduce muscle soreness, inflammation, and promote faster recovery from injuries, giving you an edge in your performance and training.
  • Red Light Therapy: Our advanced red light therapy stimulates cellular energy production and promotes tissue repair, aiding in muscle recovery, reducing inflammation, and improving circulation. The non-invasive and painless treatment can also enhance collagen production for better skin health and accelerate wound healing, helping you bounce back faster and stronger.
  • Power Plate: Our cutting-edge Power Plate is a revolutionary whole-body vibration platform that can improve muscle strength, flexibility, and circulation. It uses vibrations to engage your muscles in a unique way, increasing muscle activation and aiding in post-workout recovery. The Power Plate is also great for warm-up and activation before training, helping you optimise your performance.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Our hyperbaric oxygen chamber allows you to breathe in pure oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure. This promotes increased oxygenation to tissues, enhances cellular healing, and reduces inflammation, supporting recovery and performance at the cellular level. It can also improve cognitive function, boost immunity, and aid in wound healing.

With our Uber Elite Recovery Package, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Recovery: Our combination of Cryotherapy, Red Light Therapy, Power Plate, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provides a multi-modal approach to recovery, helping you bounce back faster from strenuous workouts, injuries, or surgeries.
  • Improved Performance: By accelerating your recovery, reducing inflammation, and enhancing muscle repair, our treatments can help you optimize your performance and reach your peak potential. Whether you’re an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or a high-performing individual, our Uber Elite Recovery Package can give you the edge you need.
  • Overall Well-being: Our therapies are not only beneficial for physical recovery but also promote mental well-being. Reducing inflammation, boosting circulation, and enhancing oxygenation can improve mood, reduce stress, and enhance overall vitality, helping you feel your best both mentally and physically.
  • Convenience: THE NAUTILUS offers a walk-in chamber for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, making it easy and convenient to incorporate these advanced recovery treatments into your busy schedule. 

Invest in your recovery and performance with the Uber Elite Recovery Package. Experience the power of Cryotherapy, Red Light Therapy, Power Plate, and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy in one comprehensive package designed to optimise your performance and well-being. 

£100 per treatment

In short: Everyone!

The Uber Elite Recovery Package (UERP) was designed to fully harness and enhance your bodies natural healing power.  

This means it can be applied to any number of scenarios such as professional athletes, people suffering from chronic pain, people recovering from surgery etc

The UERP is also popular with people looking to maximise their recovery after exercise or as part of an active wellness regime.

The combination of Cryotherapy, Power Plate, Infra-Red and HBOT complement each other perfectly. All of these treatments focus on reducing inflammation, increasing the volume/quality of blood flow and pain relief.

These 3 factors are vitally important to healing and recovery.

Your treatment will last one hour and fifty minutes.

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